Technical divisions:

- The study is divided into many parts the first,

- Music: (piano - guitar - organ - violin - flute - Oud - voice training - Harp and other machines).

- Other Section study graphic and plastic arts such as (drawing ratios and shadow and light - accessories - Sculpture - Mosaic - Leather - Acrylic - Oil panting) and other various activities.

- FITNESS & DANCING:Aerobics - Belly Dancing - Yoga - Self Defense - Salsa -Hip Hop.

- Organization of birthday parties (Table Centerpieces - Birthday Banner - Name Banner - Ceramic Coloring - Candy Corner - Glitter Tattoo - Sur Tete - Coloring - Frames - Accessories -Face Painting -Crown - Pottery)

Teaching methodology:

Through the curriculum for Piano Piano Center, which has developed a scientific way appropriate to the age of the student, in multiple levels and progressive in difficulty and codified, in order to give the student a strong incentive to pay to a higher level of progress in the process of educational and entertainment.

The study varied between classical music, modern, oriental and light music.


- Study of musical instruments in the individual classes so as to ensure access to a good level of performance.

- The class for 45 minutes, once or twice a week according to the desire of every student.

- Start the study at four pm and ends at nine at night.

Team work:

Our team consists of graduates and faculty members at colleges and institutes specialized in the field of music and art in Egypt.

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